Authors Position papers
Christoph Kotthaus
Thomas Ludwig
Toward Persuasive Design for Emergencies: Pointing Citizens in the Right Direction
David Stark
Elizabeth Anne Watkins
The Mobius Organization: Risks of Crowdsourcing Executive Function
Brandie M. Nonnecke
Dmitry Epstein
Crowdsourcing Internet Governance: Assessing effects of crowdsourcing platform design on Internet governance debates
Edward Jenkins
Andrew Garbett
Robert Comber
Patrick Olivier
App Movement: Collaborative Design of Mobile Applications for Communities
Jan de Wit
Stefan Manojlovic
Katerina Gavrilo
Vassilis-Javed Khan
Crowdsourcing For Children: Exploring Threats and Opportunities
Elisabeth Joyce Seeing the Smoke Before the Fire: Conflict Management in Policy-Supported Mass Collaborations
Ujwal Gadiraju
Neha Gupta
Dealing with Sub-optimal Crowd Work: Implications of Current Quality Control Practices
Chencan Xu
Yawen Li
Weiyu Zhang
Mark Klein
Shengdong Zhao
Towards Greater Perceived Fairness: Crowdsourcing Moderation Work to Online Deliberation Participants
Karin Hansson
Love Ekenberg
Embodiment and gameplay in crowdsourcing
Paper discussants
Tanja Aitamurto and Michael Muller