Before the workshop

Presenters* prepare a 5-10 min presentation, followed by a 5 min discussion. Every presenter is also key discussant to the following two papers. (= Presenter 1, read paper 2 and 3, and so on)

Ujwal Gadiraju*, Neha Gupta* 1 Dealing with Sub-optimal Crowd Work: Implications of Current Quality Control Practices
Christoph Kotthaus*, Thomas Ludwig* 2 Toward Persuasive Design for Emergencies: Pointing Citizens in the Right Direction
David Stark, Elizabeth Anne Watkins* 3 The Mobius Organization: Risks of Crowdsourcing Executive Function
Brandie M. Nonnecke*, Dmitry Epstein 4 Crowdsourcing Internet Governance: Assessing effects of crowdsourcing platform design on Internet governance debates
Edward Jenkins, Andrew Garbett*, Robert Comber,Patrick Olivier 5 App Movement: Collaborative Design of Mobile Applications for Communities
Jan de Wit*, Stefan Manojlovic, Katerina Gavrilo, Vassilis-Javed Khan* 6 Crowdsourcing For Children: Exploring Threats and Opportunities
Elisabeth Joyce* 7 Seeing the Smoke Before the Fire: Conflict Management in Policy-Supported Mass Collaborations
Chencan Xu*, Yawen Li *, Weiyu Zhang, Mark Klein, Shengdong Zhao 8 Towards Greater Perceived Fairness: Crowdsourcing Moderation Work to Online Deliberation Participants
Karin Hansson*, Love Ekenberg 9 Embodiment and gameplay in crowdsourcing

There will be a projector and a white board.

In the papers, identify practices for accommodating differences and conflicts, as a starting point for the afternoon brainstorming session.

Workshop Structure

Workshop room: LL21D

In the first half of the workshop participants briefly present their research on the topics. The second half of the workshop consists of a brainstorming session where the topics of the workshop are further explored. Finally the discussions are summarized and synthesized to form an agenda for future research.


09.00 Welcome and introduction to the workshop and participants
09.30  Short presentation and discussion of the position-papers.
10.30 Mid-morning break
11.00  Short presentation and discussion of the position-papers.
12.30  Lunch break
14.00  Brainstorming session in smaller groups
15.00  Mid-afternoon break
15.30 Presentation and discussion of brainstorming session
16.30 – 17.00  Drafting an agenda for future research. Workshop summary

Post-Workshop Plans

We will take the workshop as an opportunity to explore future collaboration, e.g., a mailing list and collaborative research projects. A workshop report will be produced for publication in ACM Interactions and selected contributions will be considered for a special issue in a HCI journal.